Backbone’s Creative Community

Created by three photography enthusiasts, Backbone is a community of talent that shares a knack for art and high standards. We only work with vetted professionals and aim to make visual content production simple.

How? By becoming your backbone.

We take care of the trying, daunting, time-consuming parts of your business, leaving you room to focus on what you do best: create.
And this unencumbered creativity leads to better visual content, a win-win.
Want to be part of this journey and join a platform that will help you grow your business, here’s how to become a Backbone Creative.

What’s in It for Me?

Working with Backbone comes with its perks. First of all, it means more quality projects for you, and on your terms: You have a say in shoot scheduling, and we go one step further by choosing locations that are close to you. More time on the job and less on the road. And in case you need it, our team is available to provide thoughtful 24/7 support.

Tech It Easy

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with administrative tasks or weighed down by ineffective project management? We know your answer, and that’s why we’ve designed a solution to eliminate that dead weight. Your Backbone Dashboard can be used to find new missions, manage your client database and schedule, and automatically generate pesky paperwork. Take a load off, we have your back.

We created Backbone Academy to help you stay on top of your craft. Available to all our Backbone Creatives, it provides exclusive training and tips to step up your visual production.
Ready to create beautiful things together?

How It Works

Want to join the Backbone community?

Tell us a little bit about yourself here.
The Backbone team reviews each application
The most promising talent are selectedfor a video interview and test shoot
If both are successful, we create your Backbone profile and give you access to your personal account